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CXL4022 / RX8022 PacMan

This is one game that needs no introduction and a game that almost everyone have heard of, played or have seen at one point or another. This is a 256 level arcade classic that was ported to the 8 bit computer line with great success.

You are a round head that goes around clearing the board by eating square pills. While you are doing that there are 4 ghosts chasing after you. While this makes things more interesting, you do have 4 super pills (one in each corner of the board) that will turn your ghosts blue and allows Pac-Man to ability to eat them. Along the way under the ghost box in the middle of the screen, randomly you will have the chance to collect fruit, lighting and keys for bonus points.

This would be so popular that other versions were put into the developmental process (Super PacMan and Jr. PacMan) and gamers would find Ms. Pacman making her debut in 1983.

Cartridge Image      : Jason P. Philis

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Screen Shot Image :Jason P. Philis

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