When the martian galactic fleets surround the planet and are demanding it to surrender  your space fighter is the only craft ready to invade the martian head quarters  in the Caverns of Mars.

Your objective is to sabotage their defense system by activating a fusion bomb. Now keep in mind that you need to escape the cavern before the bomb goes off or you will be destroyed along with your martian enemies.

This game comes with 4 skill levels  Novice, Pilot, Warrior and Commander that will challenge even the best space fighter. 

RX8021 Caverns of Mars

Cartridge Image      : Jason P. Philis

Manual Image         :

Box Image                :

Screen Shot Image :Jason P. Philis

Submission Credit

  • Cavern 4 - 5120
  • Cavern 5 - 6400

Keep in mind you can gain an extra life by scoring the following :

  • Cavern 1 - 1280
  • Cavern 2 - 4000
  • Cavern 3 - 3840