CXL 4012 Missile Command

Submission Credit

Cartridge Image      : Jason P. Philis

Manual Image         :

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Screen Shot Image :Jason P. Philis

Missile Command is an all time arcade classic that was popular with the 8 bit computer series. Popular enough that when the Atari XEGS debut in 1987 it was a built in game that started up when the computer was turned on without the keyboard connected.

The object of the game is to protect your 6 cities with your missile launcher that sits in the middle of the screen. You need to manage how you are shooting your missiles due to the fact you will have a fixed amount of them to shoot. Every 100,000 points you hear a mini song and will earn a bonus city ( if you have lost any along the way ). Objects you will be shooting along the way include missile lines, tornados, space ships and jet planes.  

On the XEGS, the title screen allows you to pick your level from 0-9. (0X to 5X). Once you complete level 9 you max out at 6X levels (even though the back round colors will change every 2 boards completed).