CXL4002 Basic Programming Language

When it comes to programming on the Atari 8-Bit computer series it all started with this cart right here. Over the life of the computer series owners and collectors will find that 3 different version would make their way to their beloved computers. First Version came out at launch with the Atari 400. This is the cart you will most likely see in every bargain bin, ebay lot and craigslist deal. This is the cart that will allow you to input programs from magazines, make music and let you unleash the power of your unit.


The second version of Basic ( Ver. B ) came out with the XL series of computers. Glitchy at times, it wasnt nearly as good as the first version but got the job done. This version is debated today if it ever made it to cartridge form but as of now I have never seen one.


This would bring along the last version of the Basic  (Ver. C ). This would be released with the XE line of computers. Being such a better version of Basic compared to version B that owners who had an XL system could contact Atari directly and order a copy of the 3rd version of Basic. When you plug it into the unit it over rides the Basic in the system itself.


So you wonder which version you have? Here's an easy test:


Start up your Atari with the Basic cartridge in the slot type " PRINT PEEK (43234)"


  • Version A - 162
  • Version B - 96
  • Version C - 234


Cartridge        - Jason P.Philis

Manual           - Jason P. Philis

Box                  - Jason P. Philis

Screen Shot   -