CC104 Pastfinder

Submission Credit

Cartridge Image      : Jason P. Philis

Manual Image         : 

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Screen Shot Image :Jason P. Philis

Pastfinder is one of the harder to find titles on the Activision label since it was released later in the 8 bit computer line. However with that said this game did make it out on other consoles as well including the Commodore 64.

The object of the game is to control a spacecraft that crawls along the planet surface working your way around the map by entering various zones to find artefacts. You then need to drop these off at the nearest station, which is indicated on the map. The more artefacts you drop off, the higher your rank becomes. The key to playing this game well is mastering the ship controls, which after a few hours of practice becomes second nature.

The controls make this game more difficult since when you push forward, you take off the planet surface and it moves you forward at the same time. When your in tight spots this will make you hit things and slow your progress down quite a bit.